Your Pain Isn’t Beautiful

Your pain isn’t beautiful.

It’s a cankerous sore that

demands to be felt

that opens old wounds

and litters new dreams

until your only focus becomes

the suffocating pain

that consumes your being.

Your pain is toxic.

Your pain is a deadly cancer

and romanticizing your sadness

will never make it go



Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

38 thoughts on “Your Pain Isn’t Beautiful”

  1. I will romanticize my sadness when I choose. I cannot separate my pain from myself–some of it is inextricably entwined with important parts of my identity. When I romanticize myself, and perceive myself as beautiful, my pain comes with that. My pain is a part of that.

      1. Ah. I didn’t realize you were speaking on your personal experience. In that case, I think this is just a “different strokes for different folks”-type thing. Sorry about the

  2. Part of me wants to rebel against this piece… to say that your pain *is* beautiful: it’s one of the shards that, when pieced together, composes a *complete* whole – and you cannot be whole without it. (And, because the whole is beautiful… its pieces are too.)

    Your pain does demand to be felt; it does consume. It IS toxic. And romanticizing it does *not* make it go away… but rather makes it stronger, demand more insistently to be felt. And so (perhaps because it is so blinding), your pain is not beautiful.

    But this piece certainly is. And provocative 🙂

    1. I really like your take on this poem. At first read I had the thought that only by cherishing my memories, both positive and negative, am I able to enjoy the things that I remember. It’s been a philosophy of mine for a few years now and has helped me cope with some of the more destructive ones by forcing me to remind myself that those destructive moments made me the person I am today. They made me much more compassionate and empathetic and of course less nieve.

      Your analysis helped me to read the poem as something separate from that. Thanks 🙂

  3. Very simple, yet very true, and I guess we all carry pain and sadness like an invisible satchel upon our backs, where we put these things. We carry them around and, in the quiet lonely times, we visit them to remind ourselves of who we are. Just my thoughts you understand.

  4. Love this perspective. Pain is not beautiful. If you feel it, embrace it and move through it, what you find on the other side is beautiful. Thank you!

  5. In my experience, remembered pain is in the past and led me partly to now. Its done now, so I can let it go. Which means nothing for the present. You make the future by your choices now. The trick I learned is making them without pain from the past clouding the view. Pain is caused by desire and desire is caused by thinking. I stopped thinking, mostly, now I feel and write poetry about the now.

  6. I agree that pain is something to be overcome through the strength found within each of us. It’s not good to dwell on constantly. I do believe that pain can cause a creator to create the best art of their lifetime – but I also think that breaking past it is essential, maybe even through the art that it inspires. I romanticize my pain a lot…and I wish I didn’t lol. Very standout post!

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