Stand with Planned Parenthood

Only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are comprised of abortions. Defunding them is more than just trying to end their facilitating of those abortions. You’re also taking away cancer screenings, std screenings, breast exams, etc that would potentially save many people’s lives. Denying women and men the right to this healthcare is certainly not “pro-life”.

Of course pro-life really means pro-birth. Those who wish to defund Planned Parenthood are advocating for pregnancies to come to term, having absolutely no interest in the child’s life afterwards. They are not at all concerned with the child’s access to education, health care, food, shelter, etc. The quality of the child’s life is completely unimportant to them as long as the baby is actually born. Many of these same pro-life advocates are against allowing same-sex couples to adopt, which is heavily ironic. How is it pro-life to intentionally leave children without loving families just because they would have two moms or two dads? The foster care system is terrible, and to prefer that over two loving parents is certainly not in the interest of “pro-life’.

As for the video that was recently released, it’s not what you think. It was created by an anti-abortion organization in an effort to shock people. However, the video is botched and entirely out of context. Planned Parenthood does not sell “baby parts”. They donate fetal tissue only with the consent of the woman in question. The only money involved is the cost for transportation. That’s it. And just in case you haven’t realized, Roe v. Wade was passed over forty years ago, so the fact that this is still happening is outrageous. Because before abortions were safe and legal, women used coat hangers or underwent unsterile procedures by people who were not doctors. Legal abortions ensure the health of the women in question, which is important if you claim to be pro-life. These women have already been born and their needs and wants should matter and come first. Making abortions illegal again will not stop them from happening. It will only increase the endangerment of the woman’s life, just as was the case forty years ago.

The fact of the matter is that women should be in control of whether they choose to have an abortion or not. A significant majority of senators in the House who voted to defund PP for one year are men, who presumably do not have uteruses. Women are the ones who have to endure the pregnancy, yet men can just sit back and tell them what they should do. Oh yes, this is all very “pro-life”.

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

39 thoughts on “Stand with Planned Parenthood”

  1. I work at a hotel, and yesterday I had two men stand at my front desk and discuss politics. I see new things daily, but this was the first time I had seen two people talk about politics in the middle of a hotel lobby while other people are simply trying to check in. It was rude. We have a dining area and a business center they could have politely taken their conversation to. They talked for a good 45 mins before they went their separate ways, and in that time they managed to discuss abortions, how much they hate Obama, Jesus, capitalism and their 6 figure checks. I was heated of course because of the entire situation, but here are two (fairly wealthy) middle aged men talking about how much they are against abortions and how privileged they are. I about lost my shit. I couldn’t say anything out loud, but of course I got on social media to rant. I have ALWAYS been pro-choice, even before I knew what being a woman really entailed; I knew I had a right to my female organs. I’m saddened that these kind of men make choices about what I can and cannot do with my body, and they want to defund a place that helps SO many women, men and children. Ladies and gentleman…please do your research! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Federal funds that have gone to Planned Parenthood are not used for abortions in the first place, so the threatened funding cuts would affect all the other health screenings and services that PP provides. In many areas, PP is the only health service provider that will accept Medicaid, so it would be a terrible blow to patients who rely on them.

  3. It’s so unfortunate how misconceptions (of thought) run riot at the cost of many who need legitimate services–whether or not a person includes abortion among them. I’m a Bible Christian, so I usually don’t speak my “heretical” thoughts–but women who have to make that difficult choice may not have any other supportive options. In the end, we all answer to God–for whatever choices we make in life; He’s a compassionate Father, and we’d do well to follow His loving example.

  4. Abortion is a right of every female ,but I do stress on controlled sexual behaviour too as abortion does huge harm to female body too ,its not an easy process , regarding bringing child to this world of course if you can’t give him basics of life ,love ,respect ,don’t have any right to do so .

  5. Good thoughts. Planned Parenthood is definitely looked down upon, but there’s also another side to the organization. The subject of pro-life is definitely more nuanced than one thinks, and you did a good job of capturing that essence. Well done.

  6. Because once again this isn’t so much about abortions as it is controlling women’s sexuality. If these so called anti-abortion activist were truly interested in getting rid of abortion they would be actively promoting sex education, birth control, maternal health, preventative medicine etc. But they’re simply hypocrites. It drives me insane.

    1. Controlling women’s sexuality is one of the goals of patriarchy. The woman’s health and life is less important than the offspring she can give a man. Which is ridiculous that this ancient thought process is still very much ingrained in our culture, but it is, and it’s backed by conservative religious views. This article makes some good points about caring more about women’s health if one is going to call oneself pro-life. Very thoughtful article.

  7. Here women were treated cruelly by the Catholic church until abortion was made legal and noww they offer some kind of help hoping to prevent abortion but they never did before.Women who fell pregnant were blamed and thought of as wicked.When I see all the wars and torture etc do we eally think God minds people making love ? I expect he would wish us to treat everyone kindly and let them have their choice.Many children born to women who don’t really want them are treated badly

  8. Great post!
    I have, do, and will support a woman’s inherent right of choice. The “abortion issue” is a no brainer. Governments should always chose to support a woman’s right to abort a pregnancy – and pay for it!

  9. I totally agree… you have said it all, I can’t believe after forty years we are still having these discussions…. nice work, I look forward to reading more of your writings. Michelle

  10. Michelle, wonderful and informative post. Over turning Roe vs. Wade will not stop abortion it will drive the process underground again and it will be poor women who will suffer. As in the past, rich women will be able to pay doctors for an abortion, sorry D an C, or travel to a place where abortions are not under attack and poor women will have to endure more difficult choices than they had already considered. Horrific! In the end, women pay the price either way as men sit around debating how our bodies are Used. I thought the Pro Lifers and the GOP wanted the government out of their lives so why should we invite their political views into our bodies? I’m Pro Life for everyone but first let us consider the women who have the children and include the decisions they believe are right for themselves and their families! Great writing, love your blog.

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