Unsolicited Advice to Questioning Teenage Girls

When your friends go on about their crushes
do not feign interest in a boy just to blend in
tell them you would rather kiss girls even though that scares you
tell them you’re confused but
do not lie

When your uncle asks if you prefer Gail or Peta
explain to him that you like Katniss
that her female form strikes you more
than any teenage boy could

And when a girl comes up to you and offers to tell you a secret
listen to her
she will become the first love of your life

When a priest tells you that the way you feel is wrong
spit in his face
who you are is not a sin
and his cross is the biggest lie of all

When you start getting feelings for your best friend
do not ignore them
contemplate what it means to feel
and how friendship differs from love

When you can only imagine kissing her every time you see her
do not feel ashamed
your feelings are healthy and valid
and you deserve the same in return

And when you cry so much your eyes swell up
do not cry for her


Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

24 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice to Questioning Teenage Girls”

  1. This may be your best yet. In any case your writing is focused, compact and full of wisdom. That’s not what I want to say either. Trying again: What you wrote is wise and beautiful as well as good advice. (I’m not so hot about spitting on someone else, though, unless it’s metaphorical, like setting his teeth on edge.) You really captured something true here.

  2. I’m back! Thank you for having posted this welcome-back poem! It speaks to my soul, filled as it is with savory sweet meats that regale my presence in the world!

    LOVE IT!!!! How have you been?

      1. You’re welcome! That is great to hear! I’m fabulous! Decided to go to the next level with my blog and flesh it out to include all of my passions. It feels great to change of one’s own accord. I’ve determined to publish my second book of poetry this year and give more of myself, waaay more, in promoting it. And I’m going to publish differently, a change from self publishing on Kindle and Createspace, though I love those channels.
        I’ve determined to tweak my Internet stages and give more of myself on each. Why? I’m seizing The Moment, which is all I’ll ever have!
        Thanks so much for the question! It makes me appreciate all that I aspire to.
        Here’s wishing you the BEST of 2016 in all that you do!!!

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