Black Lives Do Matter

Those who enforce the law should also be held accountable. It is outrageous how long we have allowed police brutality, particularly against African Americans, to go on. There needs to be a comprehensive and constructive conversation between leaders and politicians, police officers and activists about how to fix what has already completely shattered. Police officers should be respected and obeyed, but that does not mean that, for whatever reason, they are above the law and are excused from complying with it. Officers should be vigorously trained to stop unarmed people in a way that does not involve shooting them several times, especially when they are already being pinned down or only have minor traffic violations.

There is no victory in defeating the powerless. What is occurring is simply an abuse of power among police officers who have a strong sense of hatred and aggression towards the black community. And that is a fact every citizen needs to realize and come to terms with. Acknowledging that our country has a problem with racism and police brutality is not unpatriotic. Rather, it is unpatriotic to actively witness injustice and do nothing to change it.

This, of course, does not mean that all police officers are racist or abuse their power and authority. However, we should not ignore what keeps happening at a rather constant and rapid rate just because the majority of officers are just and good. Allowing this to continue will only further divide our country. Black lives do matter, and unless we start holding officers accountable for their actions, that will become less and less clear to black people across the nation.


Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

22 thoughts on “Black Lives Do Matter”

  1. As a British man I often sit in amazement at the brutality of American society and the inability to look past profit to change it. The gun is too prevalent in the society, police fear for their lives as do the African American community. This week’s events in Baton Rouge, Minnesota an now Dallas will only fuel this further.
    Wake up America, remove the gun from your society and heal its wounds!

  2. Many black officers are involved in the killings. I believe the Police officer need training. In the Military. We I.D the people before killing on guard duty. Police must be able to handle kids and dangerous situation. Killing another shouldn’t be the answer. I do understand self-defense.

  3. A very good and thoughtful piece.

    It can’t be just BLM. With what BLM pulled at the pride parade in Toronto on July 3, their shaky credibility in Canada is completely gone. BLM have proven themselves to be racist and anarchy driven with no consideration for anyone but themselves. I have no use for BLM and want the movement eradicated just as much as I want the NeoNazi and KKK eradicated.

    1. Well I’m not sure what happened in that situation, but I’m all for peaceful protesting.

      1. I agree with you on peaceful protest. You’ll need to read. BLM hijacked the parade and demanded no police involvement in the pride parade in future. It’s messy and ugly divisive and segregationist.

        Canada has some racism and some police issues as well. Nothing like in the USA and it is nothing like in the USA because Canada is not a tribal society like the USA is.

      2. Oh wow, I wasn’t aware of that. It seems kind of counterproductive to not have police officers at a pride parade. But yes, the U.S. is currently more racist unfortunately.

  4. I am the city attorney in my town. I am proud of our police department for implementing and following sound procedures for the safety of both officers and the public, for the chief holding his officers accountable for even the smallest deviations from those policies, and for incorporating integrity into the command and decision-making structures. And the police are not unfeeling law enforcement machines, but members of the community, exercising their joint humanity. This has led to a high level of trust between the police and the public in my town. I wish all departments would do the same.

  5. I have many friends of various race and religious and gender sexual orientation can I say they all matter to me they have peopled my life introduced me to a much richer understanding of life… My only wish that more would come to accepting people for who they are and not for who would want them be.

  6. The slogan “black lives matter” is fatuous. It is fighting a battle won long ago and it hides a disquieting truth – the lives the protestors are talking about are not defined by being black. They are defined by their criminal actions.

    If you charge a cop and try to take his gun, yes, you deserve to be shot.

    If you flee arrest and then reach into your hoodie to pull something – anything out – yes, you deserve to be shot.

    Going all the way back to Zimmerman, yes, if you execute the martial arts move known as “pound and ground” on someone, drop them to the pavement, and keep attacking them, yes, you deserve to be shot.

    Did I discuss race? I discussed behavior. This is what BLM supports, by lying about what the people in question did. BLM are bigots, racists, and George Soros-funded scum who don’t care one thing about all blacks. What they care about is removing all barriers to their criminal activities, and yes, they are willing to burn down the suburbs to do it. How do I know this? Because a BLM protestor was caught on camera telling her compatriots to do exactly that.

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