I am red,
like an ambitious flame,
angry and rising
and my voice echoes
demanding to be
heard over the
endless whispers and
incessant cries
that fill the void in my mind.
I am fire,
like the crackling of burning wood and
long forgotten letters.
I am heartbreak,
I am passion,
I am rage,
and I tear the world apart
with my pen.


Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

67 thoughts on “Red”

  1. Creation from destruction. The use of words is so much more civilised than guns and bombs. Would that the violent in this world could find release from their anger and ‘tear the world apart’ with a pen.

  2. Brilliantly written.
    I have once thought of writing a poem with the same idea, but till now its unfinished.
    Now I read yours and I can feel every words of yours.

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  4. Oh! I love this poem! So full of fire and passion! So unapologetic! Such a surging of energy!
    It makes me think of one of my favourite quotes: “What then is my nature? Fire is my nature.” — St. Catherine of Siena

  5. A bushfire sunrise in the high country, a setting sun upon the Timor Sea, for these are who I am, Red within our life sustaining atmosphere. Some places, moments the memory paints.

  6. I agree. Your words strong and filled with real emotion. This world give us many reasons to write. More wrong done than good. Sometime words is all we have to show/tell and fight with. Thank you for your poetry and thoughts.

  7. I would remove the last line. The awesome imagery and illusion of fire and blood and destruction is quenched when we are grounded by that last line. Let the reader stay captive to the mood set by the poem and free to be where ever they wish, in fire and rage and passion.

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