It comes in bursts,
like the rising and falling
of a fickle storm
with no end or
and like a storm
It is wet and violent,
treacherous to
those nearby
and beautiful to those
who watch from
their windows,
blissful and far removed.
Sometimes I seek comfort
in the storm;
in the rage, the tears,
the spiraling thoughts
and emptiness I do not
wish to feel, yet
it is all I have ever
felt. And we all
cling to the familiar.

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

55 thoughts on “Inconsistency”

  1. Conjures up images of sitting on my porch and watching a Carolina thunderstorm on the horizon, or the retreating back of a hurricane. Beauty that Mother Nature shows the select few not scared to embrace it.

  2. Hey! thought I’d stop by and read something from you and I’m impressed!
    You do something I’m not sure you meant to but I constantly try to weasel in if i can.

    You Constantly have a long ‘ss’ sound throughout the poem but it really fits your theme because at random intervals it changes to a ‘t’. and I like how when I read it aloud to myself, it sounded inconsistent. If you did mean to do that don’t be offended. In fact be happy the fact that it could be accidental in my eyes means it’s natural and I constantly find I try too hard for various aspects.

    Read it more than once. Couldn’t help myself.

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