I am but a window
and my eyes only see
what they want me to see
and while your words effect this body,
this heart has very carefully shut itself away.
I watch myself live my life as a passive viewer,
an uninterested audience member
and only occasionally do I stop to question if this is reality
when I feel as if I am only a pawn in a video game,
alive but not quite living

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

56 thoughts on “Depersonalized”

  1. I have had days like your wonderfully written poem describes………………….shoot I have had years like it.

  2. i thought the pawn in a video game, alive but not quite living summed it up pretty well. i, for one, know exactly what she means and the entire write shines.. ask cortana if she understands : )
    anyway great write, thankx for sharing 101. ~ peace

  3. I really like this peice and it touched my heart because I have felt that way before. It’s get personal that poem is very personal in really like that.

  4. Ah, the video game. Often pre-programmed with multiple options, but only those options. When younger, you felt like you were on some really cool, virtual journey. Another life in a faraway place. But really, it’s all programmed. Sometimes, even rigged. That always disappointed me.

    Good post.

  5. Thanks for liking my post.
    I like your writing too.
    One quibble (which another commenter attempted to point out I think) is that the text has “is” which perhaps is a typo for “as”:

    when I feel is if I am only a pawn in a video game,

    when I feel as if I am only a pawn in a video game,

  6. Eyes that may not see reality and a heart that folds in to protect itself. These themes resonated with me. Very much enjoyed your poem. (And thanks for liking mine. I’d be interested in knowing more about what you thought about them. )

  7. Good news – the game crashed and burned but you are still very much alive.
    I need and want nothing from you wish joy for you.

    If you want any insight into who is writing this and why am touched by your writing look on my site for a piece called. “I remember innocence”

    Thank you for reading,

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