And sometimes it still hurts.
Sometimes I still feel the lingering sting of it all,
a memory long gone, slowly fading, but still within sight.
And sometimes I have nightmares about you
that give me shivers and cold sweats,
the image of your screaming face still imprinted in my mind.
But you were poison oak and my skin was much too fragile
to make it out unscathed.
And sometimes I can still feel the bruises you left behind,
jamming my fingers into them,
as they weep like tiny stab wounds.
And I am left here,
still trying to wipe your name from my tongue,
and oh how bitter it tastes.

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

47 thoughts on “Sometimes”

  1. I don’t know whether or not your poems are posted in chronological order of when they were written (or inspired), but they tell quite a story when read that way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hurt does take time. Unfortunately its OWN time. Your talent is a powerful element and I hope you can write more that may help the hurt grow weaker. πŸ™‚ to you!!

  3. My soul shivered as I was reading
    Realising, my soul wasn’t the only one bleeding..
    I guess this world with its people are cruel
    and there is nothing more to do
    every day, just taking a breath and taking a step
    away from the things we won’t ever forget

  4. I felt my soul shivering as I started to read
    realising, its not the only one that bleeds
    I guess this world is too cruel..
    So we just take a step, another breath
    Away from the things we will never forget

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  6. I can say with honesty that I’ve only been in one relationship that made me feel the intensity I’m sensing from this piece. Though it has been more than two years, it’s still quite hard to dispel some memories, good and bad. I guess the best word to describe my thoughts are turbulent. Your piece captured this well. Thank you, and great work!

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