11 thoughts on “You Scream Like A Girl”

  1. My wife is a second degree black belt, and she can throw a kick like a girl. When we play, I get hurt sometimes because she is an awesome fighter. Nothing ‘girlie’ or weak about her at all. We are evenly matched in many areas of life because we are eye to eye. Disney is an a**hole for being like that. Trying to rewind time to ‘preserve the magic’ I suppose. 😛

      1. Societal conditioning. It is getting better little by little. Keep it up! You have lots of support.

  2. Nice blog, this issue makes me especially cross because comments such as “you are such a girl!” are often used amongst small children in a negative context. what does this teach the next generation about what it is to be a girl? this is an issue i wish more people would be aware of- keep up the good blogging!

  3. It is one thing for people to SAY crap like this (which is very problematic). But REALLY? To make a shirt that says this? How is that okay? How does this NOT get challenged/questioned BEFORE it makes it to market?

    We have A LOT of work to do.

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