Don’t Be That Girl

This is going to be my first exposé on this blog. I feel so compelled to write this because of the many blog posts I have encountered that have been solely about the Men’s Rights Movement and the feminists they feel determined to hate and destroy. There is a blog called Don’t Be That Girl(, whose author seems to be unidentifiable.  On the about page is a list of characteristics of a “Mature Woman” and a “Feminist”. You can imagine these characteristics differ greatly between the two categories. When I first came across the site, I was absolutely appalled. What kind of people dedicate themselves to hatred? The owner or owners of the blog literally hate any woman who considers herself a feminist or who even remotely acts like one. In other words, a woman who doesn’t tolerate catcalling and other bullshit that some men try to pass off as complements. However, it doesn’t even remotely end there. They claim that feminist women are out to kill men and destroy their families, and that women initiate the “Friend Zone” because they are financial and emotional rapists. I’ll admit, I have never ever heard of a financial rapist before, and I highly doubt its legitimacy. So you may read for yourselves the utter ridiculousness I am commenting on, here is a sample from the blog:

“A feminist is a human female:

  • Who though physically and sexually mature has yet to grow past the boys are icky phase of the pre adolescent female…
  • Who instead of taking responsibility for the consequences of her own  actions and choices blames both the male gender as well as the males in her life for her own failings…
  • Who as both a conniving, manipulative and predatory individual and group seeks to both diminish the legal rights as well as to steal the financial resources of the male gender through legislation, child support and taxation…
  • Who intentionally disguises their sinister goals beneath the camouflage of the equal rights movement…
  • Who uses the family court system and the Political Arena to both rape her male partner of his home and children as well as to cripple and destroy him financially…
  • Who actively promotes the murder of the individual members of the male gender (the same way that the Black Widow spider kills her mate after engaging in the act of copulation) by running to the defense of those females who intentionally murder their male partners and children…”

I still can’t get over the fact that they compare feminists to spiders. Not only do I hate spiders, but the comparison is so radical and nonsensical that I refuse to spend any more time writing about it. So, here are some ACTUAL facts about feminists.

  • Feminists do not hate men
  • Plenty of men are feminists
  • Feminists support the equality of both men and women
  • Feminists do not have a hidden agenda to destroy the male population (Surprising, I know)
  • In the history of all of feminism, there was never a bra burning incident. The women simply brought an extra bra with them to place in a receptacle.
  • The bra was supposedly invented by a woman.

The only hate group I see here is the MRA.





Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Girl”

  1. I looked it over briefly and it seemed like hostility and anger dressed up in a pseudo-intellectual cloak. I don’t know how much of anyone’s time it deserves.

    1. It doesn’t deserve much time, but I was just shocked and furious to know that something like that could even exist.

  2. Just from the quotes you put up, I will say that he is the epitome of an angry, divorced idiot that can’t admit that those feminists and courts don’t get involved for no reason. Money is the love of his life, not the family he lost. He’ll burn himself out eventually. Plus, hate is a fickle market.

  3. I’m all for freedom of speech but some people genuinely need to be sterilised to stop the stupid spreading. No doubt that’s seen as a threat by the chauvinistic male(s) who created that site, it should be seen as a threat, those beliefs are so unacceptable and out dated someone defiantly needs a slap.

    1. It’s not freedom of speech when you’re outwardly attacking an entire demographic of people. And yes, some people really should be sterilized.

  4. The question I often have to ask myself is: how can I as a feminist, a Marxist, a humanist, a Buddhist, a thinker and a speaker continue my path, no matter what anyone else says or does? I believe the waves of compassion are spreading. They may not spread equally in all directions. And I find that frustrating and angering. I am learning to live with the process and cultivate it where and when I can. That’s what I choose to live for. Thanks for your blog, I love the sexy words postings! 🙂

    1. You can be whoever you want to be and believe whatever you want to believe. Thanks for reading!

  5. Men with do and write anything to try and keep women “in their place.” Evil, twisted men who are blinded by their hatred and fear of females. I’m not going to the site and I won’t read their garbage because I don’t like to give attention to those people. They get enough of that from the right wing and status quo lovers.

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