“Loose” Women

Being sexually active has nothing to do with a woman’s morals or the looseness of a woman’s vagina. Men are given a pat on the back for either having multiple one night stands in a short period of time or for just having a lot of sex in general. However, if women have the same sexual pattern or history as a man who “scores” a lot, then she is labeled as a slut or a whore. She is then classified as promiscuous and dirty. It is here that we are presented with a great, unjust double standard. If a straight man is having all of this wild sex, then tell me, who is he having it with? Men? No. He’s having sex with women. So, here where we find ourselves stuck in a hole of confusion and hypocrisy. It really does take two to tango. I’m sure he wouldn’t be bragging about having sex with himself. My question to you is: Why is she the whore, but he the champion? Slut shaming is when a person is called out on their sexual behavior and made of mockery of for it. Being a slut is considered to be one of the highest insults, if not the highest. Slut shaming is a horrible thing to do either to a man or a woman, but it really mostly happens to women. I don’t want to say that it only happens to women, because who knows? I do not want to be the one to make that assumption. Either way, slut shaming has to stop. Actually, our entire societal view needs to change to a more sex positive one. Middle schools and high schools in every state should have actual sex education classes. No one needs to be taught about abstinence. There’s really not that much to it. We need to inform kids/teenagers about contraceptives, and STDs, and how to properly put on and take off a condom. Those are all truly important things that a properly functioning person should be informed about. I was lucky enough to have the most thorough sex education class ever in my sophomore year of high school. This might sound odd to say, but I truly enjoyed my sex education class. I learned so much and grew even more curious about sexuality and how things work, much like I am curious about many other things in life. We should not be afraid to talk about sex because it is not disgusting, or wrong, or filthy like we are told to believe. Sex is sex. It can be used to reproduce or for personal pleasure. And yes, things can go wrong, but things can go wrong in all aspects of life. Hiding the truth about sex from our children is not going to protect them, it’s only going to hurt them in the end. Once they are informed, they can be free to make their own choices and use their own minds, but the point is to inform them and not to shove our own misguided opinions down their throats.

Another issue I want to address is “loose women” and their loose vaginas. Having sex cannot and does not loosen the vagina. Vaginas come in all different sizes, but they do not change size because of the amount of sex they have had. So, all those dirty thoughts you had about virgins? Yeah, it’s all in your mind, bud. The only act that can loosen the vagina is childbirth, but this loosening is only temporary as it goes back to its original size in about six months or so after giving birth.

A woman’s morals have nothing to do with her sexual activity. Religion and societal standards do not need to treat women like a different, lesser part of the world, furthering the dehumanization of the female kind. I just don’t see how these two things can directly relate. We’re not talking about adultery, we’re just talking about plain, old sex. Humans are not like other animals. We cannot  have sex for the sole purpose of procreation. Our desire for sexual pleasure is one of the many aspects that makes us human. Gays and lesbians are human, and they cannot procreate among their own sex. Here, we are presented with yet another issue. There are just so many issues, and the issues only lead to my perpetual frustration, but I can’t stop caring and reading about the issues. I am a flaming masochist.

Anyway, thank you for making it this far. I know this was kind of ranty, but hey, what else is the internet for?

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

21 thoughts on ““Loose” Women”

  1. This is so liberating.

    I agree with you at several points. The sexual discrimination has to stop. But do you know what gender really perpetuates it the most? Women! Women on women crime. It’s rare that I hear guys call girls sluts or whores anymore. Easy, maybe. (And maybe that’s true. I guess it’s probably easier to get in some women’s pants than others, but guess who the women are who aren’t easy? Teases or prudes.)

    But it’s women that pass the worst judgements on other women. And if women are doing it to their fellow ladies, then what message does that send to men?

      1. I know what you mean. Women need to stick together, though it seems that they rarely do anymore.

      2. Why the competition? Scientists seem to believe that it’s residual instinct from primal days. Women would have to compete for the strongest, smartest males so that they could ensure survival for their offspring. Or, so they believe. Scientists have no way of substantiating any theories of the mating habits of primal humans.

        So, here we are! We’re our of our infancy as a species, and we’re still behaving based on maladaptive instincts!

  2. You have hit the nail on its head!! Yes it is sad that that world brands us like that!! Also most branding is done by fellow women!! For strange reasons women get jealous about other women being friends with men or even other women!! Absolutely crazy and i am going through one such experience…where one of my closest friends labelled me and my new lady friend with many unwrittable terms 😦

      1. Yeah and it is so sad!! I was so surprised when my friend (yes i still consider her a friend) confronted me about my new friend and literally started saying things i couldnt take!! Is it due to insecurity ?

      2. You know, sometimes I think it is because of insecurity, but sometimes I feel like it is just pure judgement due to a great lack of understanding and open-mindedness. Also, some people concern themselves in other people’s live too much. It shouldn’t matter who someone is having sex with and how often she has sex as long as it doesn’t directly affect someone else in a negative way.

      3. This true as well, yet “slut” is still the preferred and ultimate insult.

  3. Here’s a thought for you, A woman’s vagina decreases in size after the menopause and the vaginal walls become thinner; one of the factors of why post menopausal woman report enjoying sex more. I do think that your point about hypocrisy is valid, in this new millennium it is unfortunate that the patriarchal viewpoint still exists. For me sex is not about fulfilment but a means to express love for one’s partner, it always has and always will.

    Interesting blog you have here and worth reading.

    Best regards Talia

    1. Thanks! And that’s interesting. I did not know that. Of course most the slut shaming is not directed at women going through menopause.

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