On Feminism

I am a feminist in the truest form. I am relatively independent, and I fully support equality between men and women. Yes, I said equality. Despite the fact that women are superior to men in the sense that they can hold a full-time job, raise kids, clean the house, and cook for their families, I don’t necessarily think it’s right to act in such a way(all the time). I came across a blog post a little while ago in which a self-proclaimed feminist thought it was insulting for a man to hold a door open for her. She was offended because she thought that she was thoroughly capable of holding the door open for herself. This blew my mind. Men do not have to hold the door open for women. They do it out of respect, not to assume their “dominant position” of male authority. Women are perfectly capable of  doing this for themselves, but that is besides the point. This was just one among many other things she was upset about.

I honestly believe so many “feminists” are missing the point. Men are nice to other men, men are nice to women, women are nice to other women, and even sometimes women are nice to men. That’s all it is. People like to be nice to each other sometimes, even if they don’t know each other. We live in such a socially deficient world, you’d think having a man hold the door open for you would be a refreshing surprise. If you think such a simple act is another way to make women feel inferior, then you have already proven yourself to be inferior all on your own.

I’m a feminist, though, right?

Sleeping with a bunch of men and dating with a “men’s mentality” doesn’t make you a feminist. Always acting offended when someone of the opposite sex tries to help you is not being a feminist. Degrading other women for choosing to take their husband’s last names and for choosing to live the domestic lifestyle is not being a feminist. It just makes you a jerk. Sorry. Haven’t you ever heard of being the better example?

The whole point of feminism is to rise above and join the pursuit of equality. However, that does not require you to parade around NYC with your top off and your boobs swaying in the wind. How is that having respect for your body? We live in a world in which breasts are over sexualised. I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is. And besides, that doesn’t help the cause. Men do not take you seriously that way. And isn’t the point to be taken seriously? We’ve been beating  this around the bush for so long now. Everyone talks about feminism and equality, but nothing actually happens. I’m sure everyone has heard about women being allowed to hold authoritative positions in the military. While that is a great step in the right direction, women are still being raped and molested in the military. In this country. They actually have to fear sexual violation while they are serving their country. That is not okay. Rape is not okay. So while you’re going about your “feminist”ways, worrying about all the evil men, who try to do favors for you, just know that there are women out their who are actually being violated and stripped of their rights to feel safe and secure.

Author: Catherine Caruso

Writer of words. Lover of dogs.

8 thoughts on “On Feminism”

  1. And more men are sexually assaulted in the military (though there are more men, so if you look at it from a female perspective, they are over-represented in cases).


    If a problem is affecting one sex more than the other, the solution is not to solve the problem for the sex that suffers the problem more, the solution is to solve the problem itself. It is not about stopping women from being sexually assaulted in the military, it is about stopping sexual assault in the military.

  2. This is very good portrayal of what is wrong with the feminist movement!! You are correct in every sense when some actions are thought as flag bearer of feminist movement. Women have to realize and believe that they are definitely superior and that superiority comes from their mental toughness and not by hating men or other women. You have put it very well!! Thanks for writing and sharing this!!

  3. I REALLY appreciate the content of this article. My 23 year old daughter (a self proclaimed “fearless feminist”) and me were having this very discussion a few weeks back. Feminism is not about rejecting traditions related to common decency (I am “old school”, I open the doors for all ladies), nor is it an “in your face” rebellion which degrades a serious movement with a “shock facto”. Feminism is in reality merely a “branch” of Humanism: the belief that everyone is equal… EVERYONE. Period. Regardless of race, gender, sexual preferences, so forth and so on: EVERYONE is equal. I do wish to state that I believe this generation of females have a right be frustrated at how the social recognition of the basics of the Feminist movement has stagnated and even retarded the process. I truly believe that in the late 70s we as a culture were so far ahead of the curve (no pun intended) with regards to equal rights for women. But then, in the late 70s we were ahead of the curve with regards to the subject of social equality in general. I think the development of a strong and active Religion in an area which should maintain a secular status; namely the public venue has clearly retarded the process of social equality. We are falling back into a patriarchal/white male superiority mentality. I regret it. That said, feminists need to understand the habits of common decency of we “old school” types who open doors and say “ma’am”. These acts are efforts to show respect, which is what the entire subject of feminism hinges upon: R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! (Sing it Aretha!!)

    1. Thanks for reading! I have only recently been informed about humanism, but what I have heard so far seems to be fairly positive.

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